Thursday, 11 April 2013

I'm so excited...

.. and only other quilters will undestand why. 

That after sitting in my living room for seven months I've finally adapted this..

into this !!

Woo Hoo! I'm hoping that having a sewing machine that's not 10 centimetres too high (doesn't sound a lot but quilters will know that every little bit matters) will mean I can relax my shoulders and not be on tippy toes when sewing. That it turn should mean that I can sew for longer AND I want to learn to Free Motion Quilt.

For the record I stumbled upon this sewing table in a local charity shop. The Singer sewing machine that was in it originally (sorry I forgot to take a photo) lifted up and was flush with the surface. I removed the Singer, cut out a larger hole for my Janome so that it would go as far right as possible, fitted in a new shelf at the correct height, then used the acrylic extension table to cover the gaping hole that was left. I then changed the hinges on the back flap and made a pair of gate legs so that I have an extension table behind the machine.

That sounds so easy, but there was lots of sweat, tears and swearing, nothing went smoothly and my woodwork is rubbish. BUT it's done. And it works (mostly), a bit of carpet under two of the legs to stop the wobble. I just need to secure the acrylic table so that I can use my SuperSlider Teflon mat that I got for Christmas.

So lets see how I get on.

I would just like to thank the Brit Quilt Flickr group and especially Mammafairy, thecraftersapprentice, Scranda3 , and Nikki for their encouragement,

Big Thanks, Tracy

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