Friday, 12 July 2013

Will any of these ever be finished?

I'm hoping that getting this list 'out there' will give me the kick up the footpedal that I need to just get on with it. That's the point of linking up isn't it? To make public those UFO's that only I know about, my quilty little secrets, so I'd better move right along...

The pictures aren't great but if I mess around getting 'better' ones I'll never do this post!


The most pressing finish is this baby gift, I've made the basket (pattern by Anna Noodlehead- highly recommended) but then I stalled on the cushion I wanted to make to go with it. I've made the centre monogram but I also plan to include little Miquels birth details, as I don't have a clear plan on how I want to do it, I kind of wandered off to other things - embroidering a non-urgent Xmas quilt anyone?


This next one definitely requires some focus and direction. These are little scrappy stars I've been making for over a year with no finish date in mind. If I want my skills to develop I really need to complete things, not keep starting new ones. I think it's because in my head the finished quilt will be! But I also feel that my skill-set isn't up to the level required to finish whatever project I'm working on, so I keep procrastinating and starting something new. So, this is going to be something, I'm thinking large cushion to go on my daughters bed. It will complement the stars quilt I've made for her that 'just' needs quilting- and has been waiting in that state for a year (maybe that should have been on this list?)



While having a quick look in my quilting cupboard (substitute spare room wardrobe here) for the previous projects I'm ashamed to say I came across the next two which I had totally forgotten about.


This top was completed about 5 years ago as a secret baby quilt for a work colleague. It's a small version of a quilt by Pam and Nicky Lintott from this book. I had made the top when she mentioned she 'hated' red, white and blue! Whilst a lot of the blue is really a turquoisy colour, I didn't want to upset a new Mum, so into the cupboard it went. Which was a real shame as I enjoyed making it. I had to hurriedly make an alternative which she said she liked but I was left feeling deflated by the whole episode, this quilt would make a nice gift for someone and deserves better than to be left in the wardrobe.


These blocks ....well..I know I made them but I have really no idea when, at least 5 years ago but I can't really be sure



I was obviously in a very colourful phase when I made these blocks :-/. They probably need toning down with some sashing- not sure what I'll go for. And I'm not sure where this will end up, maybe a raffle prize for my school.


I was dithering about including this- but what the heck, in for a penny...



From Quilting Modern, I gave this a whirl and was enjoying the prospect of a lovely wall hanging in our sitting room when I caught my husband looking at it. You can tell straight away what they're thinking can't you. Nope, he doesn't like it. Yet again the wind was taken out of my sails, this one has been hanging on the back of the spare room door. I'll probably still make it into a hanging, but keep it small for the spare room instead.

So, that's my list. Now you too know (some) of my quilty secrets. What's yours?


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