Sunday, 13 April 2014

Finish along Q2 list...

And some finishes....

I did manage a couple of finishes from my Q1 FAL list, what I didn't manage to do was write up a post and link up. That was a shame but the whole point is to motivate myself to finish, so I did partly achieve that.

I had four items on my Q1 list, the two that I finished were;


This cute little car seat blanket for a friend's baby due in May. It was kick started by the abundance of economy blocks that were appearing on IG and especially the always beautiful piecing by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts, check out her work, it's always gorgeous (and quick!).

I started off by following Rita's tutorial, which I should have stuck to, because when I tried to fussy cut the centre patch, that's when precision and sharp points went out the window.

I still leant a lot, I always try to attempt a new technique with each project and with this I tried curved corners and backing with Minky / fleece. Both went well and I'd definitely back with with fleece again as this little quilt now has a lovely weight and drape and is soft and cuddly.

The second finish was my Rainbow circle quilt from the lovely book by Joelle Halvorsen. It now has a nice spot in our spare room, and can be seen every time I go upstairs.


Now on to the non-finishes, which head up my Q2 list;

1. Rachel's scrappy stars.

A very long term WIP which needs to be finished ASAP, as I know if it gets put away again it will be another year before it's completed. I've backed it with a flannel sheet as I wanted a lightish cover that can be used all year round on my daughters bed.

2. Orange peel appliqué handwork.

I've been enjoying the slow pace of this project. I've made progress whilst watching my favorite program of the moment, Nashville.

It also allows me to contentedly sit through the Grand Prix, which normally wouldn't keep me on the sofa for more than 10 minutes at a time, so my husband doesn't get disturbed during his program, win-win.

Making their first appearance on a FAL list;

3. Plus quilt.

I've been trying to sort through my stash, I've got quite a bit of fabric that has been in there for years and has never seen the light of day. Some fabric I have completely fallen out of love with, and every time I pull it out and put it back I feel a pang of guilt. So I decided its 'use it or lose it' time. I've pulled quite a bit of stash and started cutting it for several projects, this is the first to make it on to the list.

I've cut enough for 50 'pluses' so far. I've organised the pieces into two ziploc bags 'whole pluses' and 'part pluses'. I had a quick play with the pieces but just need to get on with it.

4. Rainbow geese circle.

I blame this one (and if I'm honest, no 3, too) on Lucy of Charm About You. I joined up to her 'Le Challenge' with the theme of 'order'.

 photo LeChalleng

As is usual one thing led to a completely different thing and I found myself trying to bring some kind of order to my scraps. Whoever is to blame I've nearly got a finished cushion :-). Just needs quilting and making up, totally doable in three months. I didn't finish this by the end of the challenge either.

5. 'Suburbs' pattern from Alison Harris of the blog Cluck Cluck Sew.

I've been stalking this pattern (and the blog) for quite some time. I'm on a self imposed fabric diet at the moment, so when I decided I needed to use the fabric I do have it was the perfect reason to buy this pattern.

The decision was not helped by my non-existent self control and the ease of buying a PDF pattern online. I thought I would just cut the blocks as I was cutting the 'pluses' for number 3, but the houses looked so cute, and I wanted to use some of my Flea Market Fancy that I've been saving. And once I'd cut some fabric I needed to see if I could make the pattern match. I've only made four houses so far but I'm itching to make more.


That's it, I'm stopping at five as I'm sure I'll only finish some of these and probably start and finish something else entirely.

As well as the sewing I need to finish painting the garage door, I've already primed and undercoated, it just needs the gloss.

I do all our decorating, I'd rather decorate than clean. I'd rather do anything than housework. I hate housework. A lot.

What would you rather be doing?

Good luck with your list, linking up with our host, Katie at the Littlest Thistle

Finish Along 2014

Tracy x


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

WIP ... And a finish.

As usual I've been working on things that are NOT on my FAL list.

In fact, it's worse than that, I've been cutting fabric for a Plus quilt. I've cut enough for 45 crosses so far but I'm enjoying the process of cut, measure, cut, so much that I'm definitely going to cut more. I think I like the orderly process and the straight forward nature of this pattern ( I'm a lab technician). The creative part is the fabric selection and the layout but the underlying structure of the pattern is quite regimented, I'm enjoying that immensely. A contributing factor could also be that I'm using part of my lunchtime at work to cut out. So it feels slightly naughty and it like bonus time I'm getting back.


I've tried a quick layout but it's not working for me yet. I think it needs more blue, which I'll definitely add. There's no yellow in there either but I don't think I'm going to change that. Any suggestions ? Both colours are lacking in my stash, that won't change as I'm on a self-imposed fabric diet at the moment ( 3 months and counting).

I'm also pleased that I've managed to cut out the offending centre of this cushion (what was I thinking, how many seams!)?


It now lies flat and is waiting for a little bit of batting before it becomes a cushion.


I do have a single solitary finish to report. This little cutie is designed to be a car quilt for a friends baby due in May. It has two firsts for me, backing with Minky/fleece and round corners.



I was a a bit intimidated working with Minky for the first time but starting small made it much easier. I spray basted AND tacked, which worked fine. I love the drape it gives the quilt, it's so snuggly and soft.



I'm undecided wether to wash it or not. I like to wash before I give, as it takes me so long to make anything I'm sure the quilt could do with freshening up and I like to make sure nothing comes undone in the wash. I just don't know what it will do to the texture. I need to stop procrastinating and get it in the machine.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is working on, linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced

Tracy x