Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Decisions, decisions...WIP weds

...I can't seem to make up my mind about anything at the moment.

I put this small wall hanging to one side after my DH made a face when I was showing it to him. I'm sure everyone knows the 'face'. Me, all excited and asking 'what do you think?', expecting 'ooh, that's coming along nicely'. But instead getting 'the face'. The one that says ' I'm not liking this but she obviously does, so what can I say that won't be the wrong thing.'
Which all happens in a split second but you can read it. And there's no mistaking the definite lack of enthusiasm.

So, what to do...I can't bring myself to finish it and not hang it up (there's no more wall space in my sewing area). The other option is to use it to cover this chair that I've been upcycling. Or painting as my Dad would say.

The other area of procrastination is this cushion.

For some reason it has been painful to make. Lots of little things have gone wrong..bobbin running out 3 inches from the end, cutting a piece too short- three times! Miscalculating the size of striped fabric required because I'd measured the centre square wrongly. Trimming one of the embroidered sections too thin, which meant having to trim the others to match. Which resulted in the whole thing being smaller than I'd planned. Dropping the iron whilst doing a final press, not noticing some melted rug on the edge and therefore applying melted plastic to one corner post. Etc.

Consequently I'm not feeling the love for this piece. Which is a shame, I do like it and I enjoyed the embroidery but I don't love it.

So how to finish it, I'd like to give piping a go but with the above track record that would be ;
a) pushing my luck. b) tempting fate c) plain stupid ( delete as appropriate).
So I think I'll just try an 'invisible' zip. Which will probably be visible from space.

Wish me luck.

Going to attempt to link up with WiP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Here goes ..

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