Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Slow progress..

This quilt has been a challenge. I have unpicked a lot. And not just once..

Due to my first thread choice shredding and breaking, a lot of unpicking was necessary.

and get rid of the dodgy square spiral accented by the dark bobbin thread...times six.

And again.....I thought I'd free motion petal shapes inside the two stars, notice the particularly lovely convergence of lines in the centre - cue unpicking.

It only takes a few minutes to sew but hours to unpick. You'd have thought I would have learnt my lesson but oh no, I ploughed on. In all I must have spent at least 10 hours unpicking various errors.

At this point I had a change of mind and decided to embroider baby R's details in the stars.

But due to the hot mess left by all that unpicked thread I thought the quilt should be washed to get rid of all the holes before I stared the embroidery. Which meant I needed to apply the binding. I machine stitched the binding onto the front before heading to Edinburgh for a few days over the school half term.

During the drive there and back I was able to hand stitch the back of the binding down. One bit of good news is that I finally seem to be getting the hang of turning the corners.

The quilt is washed and hanging up to dry for a bit before going into the dryer. This is the first time I've washed and dried a quilt, so fingers crossed.

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