Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Swirling medallion progress and some thoughts..

When and how do you decide how you are going to quilt your finished top?

With this top I already had a few ideas....

After quilting the centre ...

I thought I'd carry on quilting a concentric 'square spiral' but leave the 'solid' i.e. 'not fractured' frames, unquilted for contrast.

After completing this much...(and taking a late night crappy photo)

..I thought that the quilting needed a little breathing space. So what I've decided is to leave a wide gap before continuing the straight lines. And once I've completed that I'll see if I'm brave enough to add some fractured triangles in quilting lines.

Here's my progress so far. Let's see how this goes shall we?

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Back to the machine,


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  1. I love the fracture quilt pattern, and your purple-green on is so pretty! the quilting look great with it too!