Thursday, 3 October 2013

Chair seat finished...for now..

I was contemplating using my partially completed swirling medallion patchwork to cover this chair seat.

But I really didn't think that quilting cotton would be robust enough to withstand repeated exposure to my rear end.

I also knew that I would feel disappointed every time I looked at it, knowing the patchwork should have been a lovely wall hanging. So with the impetus of the finish-along I've nearly completed it and will hopefully be writing a post before the 3rd quarter finish-along deadline of October 7th.

Coincidently I came across this fabric in a not quite local furnishing fabric shop. The colours were so close to what I wanted and the pattern was quirky enough that I bought some without stopping to think. Therefore I didn't quite buy enough and had to piece a bit on the back.

The result is a finish. It might not be what I first had in mind, but it's done and I can move on to the next thing. And I won't irritate me every time I look at it :-)

Linking up with the third quarter of the finish-along, thanks Leanne, it's given me the deadlines I need to complete something,

hope it's helping you too.

Back to the foot pedal,



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