Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Rupert's star quilt - QAL finish 2

This little quilt has had a chequered history. I originally started it five years ago for another baby boy. Just as I'd finished piecing the top I was told that the Mum really wouldn't like the colours I'd used. Oh dear. I was really disappointed as I really like this top.

So, roll on half a decade and a new colleague has a lovely little boy at the same time as I rediscover the forgotten patchwork. I don't know the mum particularly well but I didn't think she would mind a baby quilt.

I wanted to do some more ambitious free-motion quilting than I had tried before, which resulted in quite a few hours of unpicking (and swearing).

I also wanted to personalise it a bit more, so I embroidered baby's birth information quite discretely on the back, and Tah Dah!

I feel like I learned quite a lot with this particular project, which is a nice feeling. I hope it gets a lot of use and love.

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